Deso Fat Dissolver

Deso Fat Dissolver treatments are lipolytic injections which are used to destroy fat cells. They work by damaging the fat cell membrane and turning the fat in the treatment area to liquid. The body then breaks down and removes the destroyed fat cells naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.


This treatment targets areas of the body where there may be stubborn fat e.g. abdomen, back, inner knees, upper and lower arms, bra fat and inner thighs.


This is a facial treatment that is used to target areas of the face where stubborn fat may accumulate, including double chins, jowls, and neck fat.

Your Questions About Deso Fat Dissolver Answered

This treatment is perfect for patients with a normal body weight or who are slightly overweight with stubborn, localized fatty deposits, which are proving difficult to lose through diet and exercise. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your individual suitability and requirements.

Yes, desoBody fat dissolving injections are safe when administered by a trained practitioner.
This treatment has minimal side effects with little to no interference with patients daily activities.

It is normal to have some very mild side effects including initial redness, localised swelling, bruising, tenderness and sensitivity in the treated area. However, you should be able to continue with your daily routine and physical activity after the treatment and we will advise you on post-treatment care.

Typically you should start seeing results within 2 to 3 weeks after your treatment, however, this can differ from patient to patient. To achieve optimal fat reduction, a course of treatment could be required.

The treatment acts by destroying fat cells making the results permanent with a sensible lifestyle.

A course of at least 3 – 4 DesoBody treatment sessions is recommended, with 6 week intervals between treatments. This is dependent on the treatment area and the amount of fat to be treated.


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